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Organic Tri-Quinoa Purple Rice Milk

Signature Market

Organic Tri-Quinoa Purple Rice Milk

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Organic, Lactose Free

about this product
Country of origins: Products of Malaysia

Signature Market Organic Tri-Quinoa Purple Rice Milk is made up from the great combination of tri-colour-quinoa, purple rice, Psyllium husk and other nutritional grains-products that enrich you with essential antioxidant compound and dietary fibre.It contains plant-based protein that is higher than other grain products (rice, barley, sorghum, corn and rye).
The light purple colour of purple rice is an excellent source of antioxidant,which helps to fight with free radicals in your blood stream, add extra aroma to this special formulated plant-based milk beverage. Other than that, the Psyllium husk present helps to promote your bowel movement, in another word?

Yes! Weight losing! How could it help? It is a soluble fibre which helps to accelerate lipid metabolism,reduce blood cholesterol level through production of Short Chain Fatty Acids (SCFAs) from undigested fibre by colonic microflora, and block excess calories intake, nutrition absorption and ingestion rate,promoting longer satiety. Other benefit from this beverage? Try it today and find it out yourself!

Benefits of Organic Tri-Quinoa Purple Rice Milk
Good source of Carbohydrate
Source of Protein
Lactose free
Organic plant-based product
Suitable for vegetarian & lactose intolerance

Suitable for:
Infant with 4 months and above, children, adults, pregnant women, elderly and patient.

Organic Tri Colour Quinoa (White, Red, Black Quinoa), Organic Purple Wild Rice, Organic Black Wild Rice, Soy-based Plant Milk, Dietary Fibre, Oligo and Premitted Food Conditioner.

Serving Preparation
1- Add 250ml of warm water
2- Add 20g/30g of Signature Market Organic Tri-Quinoa Purple Rice Milk
3- Stir well & serve .

Storage Method
Avoid to place in humid, high tempature & sunlight, tighten & keep in fridge once open to maintain freshness.

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