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Namaste, Little Ones!


Namaste, Little Ones!

25 Aug 2021
by Stefanie

Yoga is a practice that helps us realign the aspects of our life − from our body, mind and spirit − in order to find that inner peace and stability. The rising popularity of yoga can be attributed to its basic stretching advantages added with breathing techniques which thoroughly help in improving our body and mind wellbeing. If you are a parent, practicing yoga with your kids can definitely help in enhancing your kids’ overall wellbeing.

Here is why!

1. It strengthens your kids’ focus and concentration.
Focus and concentration are key for kids, especially when they are still in school. Yoga has a variety of poses that are carefully catered based on your capabilities. No matter the pose, these encourage kids to clear their mind and focus on the effort. It helps them stay and feel balanced mentally and physically.

2. It boosts your kids’ confidence.
Yoga has the ability to help instill confidence and self-esteem in kids. It teaches them the values of perseverance, patience and strength hence becoming the foundation of your kids’ future. Other than enhancing your kids’ physical strength when learning to strike the different poses, yoga helps tremendously in helping them find their inner balance too.

3. It enhances your kids’ body-mind connection.
Everybody needs some time to recheck and rejuvenate their energy levels and so do your kids. The mental wellbeing of the younger generations are often neglected so a good yoga session with them would help more than we can imagine. It helps kids find inner peace and stability amidst a fast-paced world with all kinds of pressure (parental, social) surrounding them.