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Over The Years With You


Over The Years With You

9 Sep 2021
by Stefanie

Did you know that the Signature Market many of you may know of today used to be called Signature Snack?

Inspiring ideas need to start from somewhere. For our co-founders, Edwin Wang and John Cheng, the idea of creating an online marketplace for all things natural and organic resembling a literal market was an inception from Edwin’s very own kitchen. Back in the days, Edwin was struggling with weight loss. As he researched various methods, he found that his unhealthy snacking habits contributed greatly to his weight loss struggle. On his hunt for healthy snacks, the severely overpriced options available at supermarkets and grocery stores made it nearly impossible for him to make the switch. Disappointed, he headed home and decided to roast and bake some store-bought nuts in the comfort of his own kitchen. He began losing weight and thrived both physically and mentally, inspiring those around him all at the same time.

And like they say, the rest is history.

Signature Snack was founded in 2014, with the goal to make healthy snacking affordable and accessible for everyone. We developed trail mixes, dried fruits and other quick bites to satisfy your snacking cravings. Over the years, we saw positive changes in the community as Malaysians began adopting a healthy lifestyle. Thus began our expansion to reach out to the mass market. Creating a more diverse range of products other than just quick bites was a great start. Rebranding ourselves to Signature Market, we explored a variety of products to better evolve with the times and cater to our respective lifestyles and needs. From daily cooking essentials such as spices and condiments to lifestyle needs with the launch of our very own in-house brand, Plant Origins to the expansion of the instant meals category – Something incredibly significant during this time in our lives. Plant Origins offers a therapeutic approach to holistic health with aromatherapy and personal care products, giving our consumers a complete and wholesome experience to their healthy journey with us.

Signature Market is all about inspiring and simplifying healthy living for all walks of life. Right from the start, we have always made it a priority to have a relatively low price point while motivating the community. Our business model allows us to do just that. We empower small local enterprise manufacturers by carefully selecting and sourcing our ingredients and products from them. Directly reaching out to these manufacturers also allows us to skip out on the middle man (distributor) and cut out unnecessary costs thus enabling us to price our products lower than what you can find in your neighbour grocery store. We resonate deeply with our consumers’ needs and wants so by running a direct-to-consumer business model, we simplify the whole process for them. It also offers consumers a more intimate approach which leads to a bridge of trust being built.

Moving forward, there is just so much more we wish to achieve. Bigger dreams, bigger goals and bigger accomplishments. Focusing our values towards healthy living as a whole, we are now working towards creating a brand that allows our nation to make more conscious choices for the wellbeing of their Body, Mind and Spirit . Look forward to what the future holds for us!