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Food From All States!


Food From All States!

11 Aug 2022
by Stefanie

When you think of Malaysia, you think of food. This has pretty much become a first world problem for us when we’re just spoiled for choice with all the scrumptious food available. If you’re on the hunt to fulfill your checklist of must-try foods unique to each state in Malaysia, we’ve got you covered with this mouth-watering list!

Terengganu: Nasi Dagang and Nasi Kerabu.

We just can’t pick one as both are equally synonymous with the East Coast. Both dishes are extremely popular to be eaten for breakfast but are also thankfully served all day long! Nasi Dagang consists of rice steamed in coconut milk accompanied with fish curry while Nasi Kerabu, or the blue-rice-dish is a type of nasi ulam served with some protein and pickled or raw condiments.

Kelantan: Laksam.

Yet another foodie haven on the East Coast, you need to try their Laksam! Laksam consists of flat rice noodles drenched in a thick and milky fish-based coconut gravy served with some raw herbs and vegetables. Have some sambal on the side for that tantalizing spicy kick.

Pahang: Patin Tempoyak.

This one may be a little too much for even the adventurous foodies out there. The star of the show in this dish is the tempoyak, which is fermented durian. Don’t let it fool you though, this is an extremely popular and loved dish among Malaysians!

Perak: Hor Fun and Bean Sprout Chicken Rice.

When in Ipoh, you’ve got to try their juicy chicken dishes! We’re always torn between a hearty bowl of Hor Fun or a satisfying plate of chicken rice served alongside juicy and succulent beansprouts. Either way, both are super flavourful and well-balanced too!

Kedah: Nasi Ulam.

It’s not known as the land of rice for nothing! Nasi Ulam is a pretty rare dish even in Kedah itself as it’s not only time-consuming to prepare but it’s also getting progressively difficult to find the required ingredients to prepare this dish. It’s a really lovely concoction of rice with a variety of raw vegetables, herbs and spices topped with grated coconut.

Penang: Nasi Kandar.

Everyone’s go-to comfort food. This needs no introduction as it’s become almost a staple in our diets. It’s a heart meal consisting of steamed white rice, served alongside a variety of curries and side dishes!

Negeri Sembilan: Masak Lemak Cili Padi.

This beautiful state is renowned for its coconut milk-based dishes, or in other ways lemak and spicy food! There’s a variety of dishes that can be cooked in lemak, though our personal favourite is with cili padi! Just picture a thick, creamy broth that’s added with the heat from chillies.

Melaka: Chicken Rice Balls.

When in Melaka, always make some time to devour their renowned chicken rice balls. Essentially, it’s a fun sized portion of your normal chicken rice dish so what else is there to complain about!

Sarawak: Kolok Mee.

Something beautiful to note is that this dish has a very symbolic meaning behind it as it’s an embodiment of the harmony between each ethnic group in Sarawak! This is similar to wantan mee served in Peninsular Malaysia except that the springy noodles are lightly tossed in meat stock and soy sauce.

Sabah: Ngiu Chap.

This one’s probably not for the faint of heart either as it’s a really fragrant mix of the liver, heart, intestines and tendons of bovines. These are cooked with rice vermicelli noodles and drenched in a hearty broth. Eat this with a side of chilli sauce and it truly takes the dish to the next level!

Johor: Kacang Pool.

A breakfast staple for many Johoreans, this hearty dish consists of broad beans cooked with spices and ground beef until they reach a delicious and smooth texture. Topped off with a sunny-side up egg, lime, green chillis and red onions, this dish is often used as a dip for some thick roti bakar.

Perlis: Pulut Mempelam.

Home to highly sought-after mangoes, Perlis boasts of a delicious dessert. You can choose to either savour the exquisite sweetness of the harum manis mango on its own or do as the locals and have it alongside sticky rice!

Selangor: Satay.

Satay or more specifically, Kajang Satay, is an absolute gem within the community. Devour the juicy grilled succulent meat on skewers dipped in spicy peanut gravy and you’ll crave for more every time!