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Our Milestones In The Past Year


Our Milestones In The Past Year

13 Sep 2022
by Stefanie

What a whirlwind of a year it has been.

Let’s catch up with a quick trip down memory lane to reminisce on the milestones we’ve accomplished together in the past year!

January 2021 – The first implementation of a biophilic design within Signature Market
With the company expansion to follow through with our evolving brand, our headquarters made the big move to KL Eco City (KLEC), Bangsar. KLEC is a thoughtfully-designed working space that has been incorporated with a biophilic design in the interior to motivate and upgrade employee productivity.

February 2021 – Championed mental health with The Gratitude Movement
Signature Market has always been about enhancing our physical, mental and spiritual well being. Through the introduction of the Gratitude Journal that was personally put together by our very own co-founder and CEO, Edwin Wang, we encouraged a more intimate way of sharing among our community.

June 2021 – Organised Zoom workshops advocating the importance of mental health
A technological breakthrough throughout the pandemic was the acceptance and popularity of the Internet and all things virtual. We took that to our advantage by hosting a variety of Zoom workshops to reach out to community members and support their mental wellbeing during these trying times. In 2021, we organised 42 workshops featuring 36 certified Malaysian life coaches thus impacting over 3,000 individuals to date.

September 2021 – The official launch of Bunny-U
After 4 months in preparation, we finally launched our first ever Kid’s Category Brand – Bunny-U. Because we believe healthy living should always be nurtured from a young age.

October 2021 – Successfully raised RM20,000 in support of Breast Cancer Awareness
We partnered with 11 renowned local and international brands for the launch of the Be A Uniquecorn Gift Box to raise awareness and funds towards the Breast Cancer Welfare Association (BCWA) Malaysia. We even launched our first ever virtual event, garnering a lot of positive feedback from our community.

December 2021 – The launch of Signature Market Outflowing
To better advocate the true meaning of gratitude and abundance, we launched Signature Market Outflowing as a channel for our customers to give back to those in need with the savings made from their purchase on our website. We have now successfully collected RM49,000 in donations thus far.

January 2022 – The launch of our very first on-ground event for Chinese New Year
With the launch of our Chinese New Year A Gift From The City campaign, we finally had the chance to meet our influencer friends and media personnel whom we have only ever been communicating with virtually.

February 2022 – The official launch of Two Tails
Yet again after 6 whole months of hard work and preparation, we launched our Pet Category Brand – Two Tails. Do note that the fur babies of our employees were extremely strict and not-to-mention spoiled rotten during the taste test of our human-grade pet treats.

February 2022 – Signature Market’s first physical store opens its doors in Penang
After 7 years of solely operating online, we finally opened our first ever brick-and-mortar store at Design Village Outlet, Penang.

May 2022 – The official launch of YĪ
Presenting to you yet another launch and Malaysia’s First Contemporary Herbal Healthcare Brand – YĪ. Using the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine, take your pick from our vast range of herbal-infused soups and teas.

May 2022 – The opening of See Cafe in Arcoris Mont Kiara
Venturing into a new realm, we launched See Cafe – A unique incorporation of artisanal drinks and desserts with an experience store concept dedicated to Plant Origins.