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Something For Everyone


Something For Everyone

20 Sep 2022
by Stefanie

When we say Signature Market is the brand for everyone, we truly mean it. This past year, we’ve finally had the chance to unveil THREE NEW BRANDS for each and every one of you. Hereby introducing you to Bunny-U, Two Tails and YĪ.

Let’s get a glimpse into what you can expect from these brands from the very people who brought them to life!


For Bunny-U Category Manager, Yuo Shing Wei, creating the brand resonates deeply to her as most of it stems from her very own childhood experiences. Growing up with colourful and artificial flavour-laden childhood snacks, she knew that she wanted to create a range of products that are equally as delicious and visually-appealing without any artificial additives and preservatives.

Shing Wei has thoughtfully put together a range of products that aren’t just nutritious and flavourful enough to tempt even your picky little eaters. She has also ensured that each product that comes out is crafted to engage with the sensory-motor skills of your little ones.

Two Tails

Yes, we’ve finally found the perfect person to meet the needs of our fur babies whilst giving peace of mind to us, pet parents. For Two Tails Category Manager, Sarah Koay, she is committed to creating pet products that are of equal care and quality as what you’d get in your own food. After adopting a senior dog, Yodi from the shelter, she realised the importance of having a variety of products that cater to pets with different requirements.

Pet parents, you can be rest assured as Two Tails was created on the basis of what has worked in the market right now and what’s best for our pets, all-in-all based on their respective biological and nutritional needs. Our pet treats have all been designed with purpose and have received the stamp of approval by Yodi and Two Tails Brand Ambassador, Baby themselves.

If the thought of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) feels confusing and daunting for you, YĪ Category Manager, Marcus Low is here to help by doing all the prep work for you so you can sit back and enjoy the benefits of herbal remedies. The concept of TCM is to address and tackle the root cause of any discomfort you may be facing. This can easily be solved through innovative product by YĪ which serve to helping us adjust our dietary habits based on our very own body constitution.

By modernising and simplifying herbal remedies, Marcus strives to design generalised herbal recipes that are easy to follow and learn from. Spreading awareness on TCM is one of his main priorities with YĪ so expect upcoming workshops, quizzes and easy-to-understand infographics just for you.