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We Promise You’ll Like What You See


We Promise You’ll Like What You See

27 Sep 2022
by Stefanie

The idea of creating a space where our customers can come in to enjoy everything that Signature Market has to offer while engaging with the body, mind and spirit has always been at the back of the minds of our co-founders right from the start. So when the opportunity to explore this new realm arose, we knew we just had to do it. This entire process has been over 1 year in the making and we’re beyond excited to finally see everything come to life.

An introduction to the concept
What comes to mind when you first hear of the name – See Cafe? Is it a quirky name simply plucked out of nowhere? What sort of correlation does that have with the Signature Market brand?

Well we’re here to set the records straight. The truth behind the name is actually rather close to home as See is our co-founder, John Cheng’s first name in Chinese. Though there is a deeper rooted meaning behind it. As the co-founder of Signature Market, John has always had the urge to share his thoughts and experiences with the rest of the world. Whether it be from his passion for specialty coffee or through the inspiration behind his ideas for most of the product packaging you see on our website, See Cafe was created as a space where everyone can see the beauty of the world around us through his eyes.

A biophilic design layout to the interior and exterior of the cafe
When deciding on a space for the cafe, both our co-founders, Edwin Wang as well as John knew that they wanted a secluded yet personalised space for customers to walk into. Arcoris Mont Kiara was the perfect choice for this as the surroundings itself are already nestled in nature.

Edwin went a step further to incorporate a biophilic design to the interior as well as landscaping at the exterior of the cafe. He has always been fascinated by how plants play a pivotal role in enhancing our productivity and mental wellbeing. Earthy elements like wood and rocks have also been added amidst the cafe. Our personal favourite part of the entire cafe? The centrepiece, also known as The Staircase To Abundance features a variety of indoor plants such as philodendrons, monstera, anthuriums & ferns that are planted close to one another to showcase the concept of abundance.

A unique collaboration with Barista Guild Asia

At this point, we’re sure you already know the values that Signature Market stands for and that is to provide the best options to elevate and enhance the lifestyles of our community. It’s easy to get just another partner to brew our coffees and serve them to our customers but that clearly would not provide a good experience for you. We wanted to work with a partner who understands and aligns with our philosophy of only bringing the best to the table and that’s why we’re honoured to introduce you to Barista Guild Asia with whom See Cafe is proudly partnering with.