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Soy Milk Benefits You Didn’t Know


Soy Milk Benefits You Didn’t Know

11 Feb 2019
by Cheryl

Soy is included as one of the original 24 Superfoods as it brings many health benefits when incorporated into your regular diet. It is not only a high quality, vitamin and mineral-rich plant protein with lots of soluble fibre and tons of disease fighting nutrients, it is also inexpensive. There are a variety of soy milk products in Malaysia that are secretly beneficial for us ! Here are some benefits of soymilk that you probably didn’t know about.

As a natural hair product
Soy milk contains protein, iron, calcium, fibre, folic acid, vitamin B and potassium are all crucial for the benefit of your hair health. Those nutrients present in soy milk will improve hair fall problem . Not only that , its protein , iron and calcium strengthens your hair while vitamin B makes your hair shine . Soymilk which is rich in protein makes it an absolutely fabulous hair conditioner. Just apply it at your hair ends after washing your hair to get rid of split ends.

Promote Skin Glow
Beauty products nowadays can be quite costly and unaffordable . Therefore, soy milk is the prefect homemade beauty product for you. With the presence of vitamin E , soy milk helps to renew dead skin cells and brings moisture to the skin. Giving yourself a soy facial by leaving it on your face and neck area for 20 minutes for thrice a week will give you astonishing results. Furthermore, soy milk contains phytoestrogens that boosts the production of oestrogen in the body that reduces the emergence of wrinkles and fine lines. The antioxidants present in it also reduces visible signs of aging like skin discolouration and dark spots which will eventually promote skin glow .

Help Lose Weight
Ever felt hungry during the wee hours and don’t know what to eat with the least calories consumed? Soy milk is your best savior! Soy milk which contains only 80 calories is a recommended drink for weight loss. This is because soy milk contains less sugar compared to regular milk. There are 12 grams of sugar per cup of cow’s milk while there is only 7 grams of sugar in a cup of soymilk . Moreover, soymilk is rich in fibre. Fibre will keep your stomach feeling full for a longer period of time thus helping you to lose weight. You get to satiate hunger , maintain your ideal physique and prevent wasting money on weight loss pills ,that’s exactly killing three birds with one stone!

Lowers the risk of breast cancer
Heads up ladies ! Ever been haunted by the thought of having breast cancer ? Here’s a hero in disguise to keep breast cancer at bay . It is proven that women who drink soy milk regularly are likely to have a lower risk of having breast cancer. Start drinking a cup of soy milk daily to live a doubt–free life because to prevent is better than to cure.

Promotes mental health
As an urban citizen who leads a fast-paced lifestyle , constant pressure from work and academics is unfortunately inevitable. Suicidal cases have been escalating and it is proven that stress, depression and other psychological disorders are the main causes of suicide and death. Soy milk contains plenty of micronutrients such as vitamin D, vitamin B , and magnesium that helps lowers the risk of suicide and promotes overall mental health. Therefore, start picking up the habit of drinking soy milk to protect our mental health .

Substitute for milk
Shouting out to all the lactose intolerant peeps ! Are you allergic to cow’s milk or any dairy milk ? Just switch it up with soy milk and you’re all good. People whom are allergic to milk can consume soy milk because it does not contain lactose which is the reason that causes allergy. Here’s surprise for you all! Soy milk contains prebiotic sugars known as raffinose and stachyose that improves your overall immunity ,isn’t that amazing ?

Energy booster
Are you a gym ‘kaki’? Feeling exhausted and wobbly after your gym workout ? Working out burns calories and fats but also makes you lose energy too . Therefore ,try drinking soy milk after your work out to feel re-energised and to recover your strength. This is because soy milk contains some enzyme called riboflavin that helps to restore energy after a workout .

Relieves Postmenopausal issues (postmenopause: the years after menopause )
A women’s life is never a bed of roses because having to deal with menstruation , menopause and even postmenopause Postmenopausal symptoms include hot flashes , stress, insomnia, depression and other psychological disorders . Women with postmenopausal syndrome are also more likely to get diabetes, heart disease, and obesity . Postmenopause is actually due to the decrease in level of oestrogen. Despite that, drinking soy milk on a regular basis will efficiently lower the risk of postmenopausal syndromes . This is because the soy’s phytoestrogen helps to replace the loss of oestrogen in the body.

Keep kidney disease and diabetes at bay
Most people have the common misconception that soy milk taste sweeter than milk thus it contains more sugar, but you’re wrong. Like I’ve mentioned earlier , cow’s milk has a higher level of sugar content compared to soy milk . Therefore , soy milk is a better option when it comes to consuming milk. Did you know that soy milk is included in a healthy diabetic diet? It is because they are low on glycaemic index ( a relative ranking of carbohydrate in food according to how they affect blood glucose level ) Furthermore , soy is rich in fibre that slows down and inhibits the absorption of sugars thus reducing the risk of diabetes.

10. Prevent Osteoporosis (brittle and weak bones)
Osteoporosis is caused by hormone and aging and have been proven to target women in most cases. I’m pretty sure most of us know that milk prevents osteoporosis. However, not everyone is a big fan of milk due to its strong dairy smell , not to mention the lactose intolerant peeps. Hence , switching it up with soy milk is definitely the best avenue . It is because soy milk which is rich in phytoestrogen increases absorption of calcium in your body and strengthens your bone thus preventing osteoporosis.

Soy milk is a nutritious and delicious drink . However , if you are sensitive of oestrogen, you should reduce or avoid consuming soy milk.

Soymilk brings so many benefits! So what are you waiting for ? Try drinking soy milk for your well-being from now on!


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