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Travel 101: Restrictions & Health Care Advice


Travel 101: Restrictions & Health Care Advice

28 Jul 2022
by Stefanie

Now that most travel restrictions in the country have been lifted, you’ll most probably be planning an exciting vacation with loved ones. Yet, with the information overload we’ve been exposed to in recent months, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed or confused with who and what exactly are permitted or prohibited from certain international borders. We’re here with a quick guide to help you navigate and plan your travels a little better!

Is your vaccine accepted where you are travelling to?
Pretty much one of the most important things to take note of is if the vaccine you’ve taken is in fact, accepted in the countries you are planning to travel to. Otherwise, your tedious planning would just go to waste! You may find the updated list in this link. However, travel guidelines are frequently updated so always be sure to check before booking your tickets.

Do I need to quarantine or swab test upon arrival?
Once again, this varies from time to time and from country to country so just be sure to check and confirm before you officially plan your trip. As at the time of writing, the following are the countries that no longer require vaccinated individuals to quarantine. However, swab tests may still be required.