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Here’s To A Better You!


Here’s To A Better You!

6 Sep 2021
by Stefanie

This September, we are committed to giving you a feel-good time here, at Signature Market. If you have been by our side over the years, you would know that our goal has always been to enhance and simplify healthy living for our community. As we stay home and stay safe during this pandemic, we are so excited to announce weekly digital workshops to help your self-care ritual just that little bit better!

Here is a rundown of 7 amazing workshops lined up throughout the month!

☁️ Workshop 1 by Leon ☁️

Topic: Balance: Taking Care Of Myself
Date: 2nd September 2021 (Thursday)
Time: 8.30pm
Speaker: Leon, a full-time coach and facilitator who develops beautiful souls

A workshop for those who may be struggling to find themselves – Coach Leon is here to help turn your dreams, intentions and goals into reality. Engage in a conversation like no other to fully discover self-love and regain that balance in your life.

RSVP here.

🥰 Workshop 2 by Edwin Wang 🥰

Topic: Gratitude Journal Monthly Reflection
Date: 7th September 2021
Time: 8pm
Facilitator: Edwin Wang, the author of the Gratitude Journal and co-founder of Signature Market

Understanding the concept of gratitude is truly the key to a fulfilled life. Our very own Co-Founder, Edwin Wang is here to help you gently incorporate gratitude in your daily life. We will go through the entire month of August to fully reflect and embrace each and every moment – good or bad.

RSVP here.

🌿 Workshop 3 by Cher Yee 🌿

Topic: DIY with Us: Signature Market Box
Date: 12th September 2021 (Sunday)
Time: 12pm
Speaker: Cher Yee, a handicrafts expert with an 8-year experience

If you have a collection of Signature Market boxes just laying around your home, Cher Yee is here to help bring a breath of fresh air through an exciting DIY workshop. Recycle and upcycle your box into a stunning storage basket with minimal effort while doing your part to protect our environment.

RSVP here.

💞 Workshop 4 by Befrienders KL💞

Topic: A Talk With Befrienders KL: Suicidal Prevention
Date: 14th September 2021 (Tuesday)
Time: 8pm

Befrienders KL is a non-profit organization that provides emotional support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They have a dedicated team of trained volunteers who will be there to listen to you and provide the support you need if you are feeling lost.

Get to know Befrienders KL a little better through this workshop. Understand and recognize the warning signs of suicide and what we can do as a society to prevent it – Together, we can help raise awareness on the importance of our emotional health and wellbeing.

About our speaker: Dr Kartini Abdul Jabar is a trained volunteer with The Befrienders Kuala Lumpur and is currently the Outreach Director. She has the experience of providing emotional support via a 24-hour helpline to those who are in distress, feeling depressed and suicidal. Dr Kartini is a member of the training team; helping train as well as supervise new volunteers who are committed to helping the emotional wellbeing of our community. She frequently gives talks and runs workshops to various groups on topics such as active listening and suicide prevention.

RSVP here.

☕ Workshop 5 by Siow Fei ☕

Topic: Tea Tasting and Brewing (Introductory Class)
Date: 18th September 2021 (Saturday)
Time: 2:30pm - 3:30pm
Speaker: Siow Fei, practising tea artist and founder of Tanah dan Air 坔茶舍, Malaysia’s first tea bar

Siow Fei is a practising tea artist based in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. After more than a decade in the TV and film production industry, she decided to pursue her passion in tea appreciation in 2011. Today, she runs Tanah dan Air 坔茶舍 – Malaysia’s first tea bar as she continues to develop her craft as a unique form of art in Malaysia.

If you are a tea enthusiast, this Weekend Tea Experience by Siow Fei is perfect for you. Learn more on the basics of tea – from brewing and understand the differences between tea leaves to the appreciation of tea as a form of art.

RSVP here.

✨ Workshop 6 by Andrew Lee ✨

Topic: Signature Market’s 7th Anniversary Magic Show with Andrew Lee
Date: 24th September 2021 (Friday)
Time: 8pm
Speaker: Andrew Lee, internationally-recognized magician with 4 yeses in Britain’s Got Talent, semi-finalist on Asia's Got Talent and voted as Malaysia’s No.1 Magician

Andrew Lee is an internationally-recognized magician and voted Malaysia’s No.1 magician. He started performing when he was only 16 and has since mesmerized audiences all over the world. He first garnered worldwide attention in the 2018 Britain’s Got Talent, blowing away all the judges, including Simon Cowell, who is famed for being a tad difficult to impress. Andrew Lee is also the first Malaysian to be invited to perform at the 2019 London New Year's Day Parade (LNYDP) captivating over 650,000 attendees.

Fancy a little magic show? Andrew Lee is here to perform a mindblowing magical performance virtually and exclusively for Signature Market’s Platinum members. Prepare to be whisked away on a magical show of appreciation, especially for each and everyone of you. You can even stand a chance to get a complimentary gift when you participate in our lucky draw at the end of the performance.

RSVP here.

🌻 Workshop 7 by Sri Devi 🌻

Topic: Building Wholesome Relationships
Date: 30th September 2021 (Thursday)
Time: 8pm
Speaker: Sri Devi, a Certified Master Coach and awardee of NLP Super Star award

Sri Devi is a Certified Master Coach, whose work hits close to home. After several overwhelming blows to her personal life, she started looking at life a little differently – With a renewed sense of purpose. Since then, she has committed herself to empowering as many individuals as possible by helping them realize their true potential. She finds her job to be an incredible blessing for she is able to inspire others by opening the windows of their mind and soul. Having trained notable CEOs and their teams across Malaysia, she has also been awarded the NLP Super Star so you are definitely in good hands during her workshop.

Join us to engage and build wholesome relationships while learning how to remain happy and content in your personal and professional relationships. Sri Devi will also unveil some simple hacks on improving self-love and managing conflict constructively.

RSVP here.