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3 Ways To Practice Self-Acceptance


3 Ways To Practice Self-Acceptance

24 Mar 2022
by Stefanie

Do you like the person you have grown into today?
Would your younger self be proud of who you are today?

Such simple questions that hold so much power within. Let us go through some of the basics to understand how our brain works. It is human nature to tend to focus more on negativity. We would typically answer a simple “Yes” to the questions above but this impulse reflex is also one that allows us to dive a little deeper into the truth and how we actually feel. This also allows for self-doubt to set in and with that, comes negative thoughts and emotions. As the human brain processes information differently, this also means that we’re spending more time contemplating our negative thoughts and emotions rather than the positive ones.

We are here to help you incorporate self-acceptance into your daily routine to give yourself all the love you truly deserve!

1. Be gentle on yourself.
Majority of the time, you are your own worst critic. This can progressively get very unhealthy as you just find yourself judging every little thing you do. Learn to be patient and be gentle with yourself. Accept that sometimes, things may not go the way you want and that is okay. When you are kind to yourself, you will see a change in yourself.

2. Face your fears.
Yes, it is completely normal to be afraid. After all, you are only human. However, it is the fear of the unknown that holds you back more than you can ever imagine. Take baby steps to step out of your comfort zone, no matter how bizarre that may feel to you. Slowly but surely, you will overcome your fears.

3. Think positive.
Oftentimes, your surroundings strongly influence the way you think and feel. This is where positive affirmations come in hands. Try not to be so hard on yourself and instead, surround yourself with only positivity as they will actually have an amazing impact on how you think, feel and act.