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What Is Your Love Language?


What Is Your Love Language?

23 May 2022
by Stefanie

Let’s not get lost in translation when it comes to love. It’s important to know that as easy as it is to fall in love, it’s just as easy to fall out of love hence why it’s crucial to understand the different love languages out there. Yes, you may express love and affection to your significant other but does it really fall in line with how they would like to receive it?

Get to know the 5 love languages a little better and how you can improve your relationships too!

1. Acts of service.
Being helpful is another way we give love and feel loved. For people with acts of service as their love language, they believe that actions speak louder than words. Offer to do the dishes if your partner cooks or brew an extra cup of coffee for them in the morning. Chances are, it’s the little things like this that matter most.

2. Words of affirmation.
For people with words of affirmation as their love language, it doesn't matter if the words are written, spoken, sung or even written in poetry form. They long for reassurance, affection, encouragement and affirmation as long as they are coming from a person they care about as it makes them feel understood and appreciated.

3. Gift-giving.
No, this does not mean one is materialistic. Gift-giving has a pretty controversial take these days however it’s important to note that the symbolic thought behind it is key. People with this love language recognize and acknowledge the process behind the gift; ie. the pure reason your significant other decided on this gift.

4. Quality time.
With this love language, giving your undivided attention is all that matters for it shows that you are being present and focused on your significant other. Practice active listening, eye contact and full presence when you are with your partner.

5. Physical touch.
If you have physical touch as a love language, you have a persistent desire to be near people you care about and you’d like to show your affection for them by hugging, massaging and simply just sitting close to each other. Physical intimacy is incredibly affirming and serves as a powerful and emotional connector for loved ones.