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How To Renew Yourself


How To Renew Yourself

20 Jul 2022
by Stefanie

We’re in the beautiful season of spring and it’s undoubtedly one of our favourite times of the year. With spring comes new blooms, making it the perfect time to renew and grow into the next version of ourselves. Just like Mother Nature, we too, can start anew!

If you’ve been feeling a little dull or running low on energy lately, we’re here to help you push the button to renew and restart your day-to-day life. Know that change is inevitable but at the same time, you’ve the conscious choice to design this change in the best way you can.

1. Reflection.
How do I feel?
Why am I feeling this way?
What made me get here?

Ask yourself these questions to really get to the root of how you’re feeling. You won’t get to the answers right away but this is a really great step at helping you really know where you are today.

2. Listen to yourself.
Sounds intimidating right? But all you’ll really need to do is to just listen and pay attention to your voice within. There’ll always be some sort of sign or calling from the universe so if you ever find yourself questioning or acknowledging it, know that you can tune in from there.

3. Let go.
We know it’s easier said than done but it’s always better to let go of any baggage weighing you down. Whether it be a friend who hasn’t been the most supportive towards you or that little game console taking up extra space in your room, it’s these kinds of things that are blocking you from achieving your full potential.