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Popsicle Planet Double-Walled Bowl

Signature Market

Popsicle Planet Double-Walled Bowl

(1 unit)
Retail : RM 48
Member : RM 24.9 (Save 48%)
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About This Product

Miss going on foodie adventures to discover new flavours and cuisines? Explore a whole new world of delicious foods in the comfort of your own home with our gorgeous Popsicle Planet Double-Walled Bowl instead! Whether the pandemic has you cooking more at home or ordering delivery (we won’t judge), a pretty double walled bowl could be just the thing to spice up your daily mealtimes. Experimenting more in the kitchen lately and not sure how to show off your creations? Bowl-ieve in yourself and aim for the stars by plating them in this double-walled bowl for the full reveal! Made from durable high borosilicate glass, our Popsicle Planet Double-Walled Bowl features a super cute space-themed print on the exterior wall and is fully transparent so you can enjoy the pretty sight of your food within. No more burnt or numbed hands, just delicious food plated aesthetically.

Product Details
Product Dimensions: 11.5cm(W) x 6cm(H)
Capacity: 380ml
Material: High Borosilicate Glass

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Popsicle Planet Double-Walled Bowl (1 unit)
RM 24.90 RM 48.00
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