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Mighty Mum Bundle Set

Signature Market

Mighty Mum Bundle Set

(11 items)
Retail : RM 468.1
Member : RM 160 (Save 65%)
No Longer Available
About this product

Heart-warming metaphors and grand gestures aside, it’s important to show your appreciation, love and gratitude to your mum. What better way to return the dedication and care she’s put into raising you than with a thoughtfully curated box of wellness essentials this Mother’s Day?

Our Mighty Mum Gift Box is packed with items especially selected to enhance your mum’s wellbeing and strengthen her immune system, it’s the perfect gift for the superwoman in your life. After all, saying “I love you” doesn’t have to mean crossing oceans and moving mountains - sometimes it’s as simple as showing that you care for her.

What’s in the box?
  1. All-Natural Apple Cider & Wild Honey Vinegar (375ml)
  2. Beauty Peach Gum Dessert Soup (养颜桃胶糖水) (120g)
  3. Canada American Ginseng Jujube Tea (5g x 10sachets)
  4. Immune Resilience Soup (免疫强体汤) (130g)
  5. Tiger Milk Mushroom Rye Oat Milk Powder (500g)
  6. Omega-3 Trail Mix Daily Pack (25g x 10sachets)
  7. Crispy Oat Cookies with Black Sesame Sprinkles (180g)
  8. Roasted Pistachio in Shell Salted (115g)
  9. Porcelain Gold Rim 8'' Round Plate (1 unit)
  10. Porcelain Gold Rim 6'' Round Plate (1 unit)
  11. BHB Salus' Epresat (3 x 10ml)

Special note:
*Pictures shown are for illustration purpose only, decorative items are not included.
*Bundle set contents may be substituted with similar items of equal value due to stock availability.

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Mighty Mum Bundle Set (11 items)
RM 160.00 RM 468.10
No Longer Available