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Plant Origins Dish Washing Liquid

Plant Origins

Plant Origins Dish Washing Liquid

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Plant Based , Grapefruit

about this product
A powerful non toxic plant based dish washer enhanced with natural grapefruit essential oil. Formulated from naturally sourced ingredients. It is tough on stains, yet tender on the hands.

Formulated in Switzerland.

Contains: Aqua (Water), Glucoside (Plant Based), Sodium Sulphate (Salt), Ethoxylated Alyl Alcohol (Plant Based), Sobenate (Food Grade Preservative), Citrus Grandis Essential Oil (Grapefruit), Disodium EDTA (Salt), Xanthan Gum (Sugar).

No: SLS/SLES, Syntetic Dyes, Synthetic Fragrances, Parabens, Phthalates, Triclosan, 1,4 Dioxane, Petroleum Based Chemicals, Formaldehyde, Harsh Chemicals, Corrosive or Irritating Side Effects, Animal Testing.

Environment: Plant Origins are committed to environment and believe in sustainable future. Plant Origins product are less harmful to the environment. By using a plant based dish cleaner you can reduce the amount of toxic chemicals that go into your septic tank or local water treatment system.

about Plant Origins brand
Plant Origins is a new brand established by Signature Market. Plant Origins focus on home and body care products that are safer for you, your family and the world. All the products by the Plant Origins brand is safe, clean and pampering. By using Plant Origins products, you can play a part in caring for the environment and make a real difference to the world for the next generation.
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Plant Origins Dish Washing Liquid (500ml)
RM 19.90
No Longer Available