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An Introduction To A Yogic Lifestyle


An Introduction To A Yogic Lifestyle

12 Sep 2021
by Stefanie

You don’t necessarily have to be a yogi to enjoy the benefits of a yogic lifestyle. We know the postures and poses may be a little intimidating for those who aren’t the most flexible but worry not – The yogic lifestyle is all about balance, positivity and happiness. Now more than ever, we’re breaking down some easy ways to incorporate the yogic way of living into your current lifestyle!

1. Clean eating.
The best part about clean and natural eating habits is that it simplifies your entire diet for you. It’s a more mindful way of eating and helps boost your overall nutritional intake at the same time. It’s not as difficult as it sounds so here are some ways to help you get started!

• The more colourful your plate the better. Eat a bunch of fruits and vegetables at every meal to ensure you’re enjoying a boost of antioxidants everytime.
• Avoid processed foods. Such foods are often loaded with sodium and sugar though they may sound like the quickest way to eat on a busy day. Try meal prepping on the weekends instead. You’ll not only find yourself saving time during weekdays, but also extra money for when those peckish cravings come through mid-day.

2. Hydration.
Drinking a glass of lemon-infused water every morning is a great way to start your day because it gives you the energy you need. It also helps increase your metabolism as it fills you up hence helping you on your weight-loss journey, if that’s part of your goal.

When you drink water on an empty stomach, you’re also cleansing your body from toxins and this is what helps keep your skin healthy and radiant!

3. Breathe.
When you think of yoga, you think of breathing. The yogic lifestyle emphasizes greatly on the proper technique of breathing to harness your energy within in the most mindful way possible. Doing so leads to a more relaxed state of mind through a decrease in your heart rate and blood pressure. You’ll feel more centred with your external and internal state and learn to be more self-accepting and grateful along the way!

• Meditating is an amazing way to get you started. It’s extremely beneficial towards your mental health as it improves your mindset throughout the day with just a 5-minute sesion.
• Stretching in bed every morning. Nothing feels better than a quick stretch to relieve any tingles and stiffness in your body to help you feel better and more composed for the day ahead.