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All About Yoga During Pregnancy


All About Yoga During Pregnancy

24 Sep 2021
by Stefanie

Pregnancy is an amazing, beautiful new chapter in your life. But, it often comes with aches and pains in places you’d never have imagined. Yoga is just the perfect exercise for pregnant women and their babies. It’s a safe, effective and gentle alternative to provide relief during your pregnancy. This ensures your physical and mental wellbeing are of utmost priority. Let’s learn a little more about prenatal yoga!

What is prenatal yoga?

Prenatal yoga is a more gentle approach to exercise for when you’re pregnant. It engages your body, mind and spirit, focusing mainly on gentle stretching to help you feel more centred and connected to your body and baby.

What are the benefits of prenatal yoga?

1. Keeps you physically active.
Prenatal yoga is the ideal way for pregnant women to stay in shape and be physically active. It can get awfully tiring (and even dangerous at times) to do your standard workout routine when you’re carrying a baby. Hence, prenatal yoga focuses mostly on simple and low-intensity stretches to get your blood flowing. The stretches are catered to tone your muscles and improve your overall balance during pregnancy – while having very little impact on your joints.

2. Prepares you for labour and childbirth.
Yoga has always been centred around the art of breathing. Prenatal yoga is just a little more upgraded to help prepare you for labour and childbirth. Ujjayi is a key breathing technique, which essentially teaches you to breathe in and breathe out slowly yet deeply. This is key, especially when you’re in the labour room as it helps calm you down all at the same time. This helps you feel relaxed physically and mentally thus soothing your labour process.

What are some efficient prenatal yoga poses?