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A Walk Through Our First Ever Virtual Event


A Walk Through Our First Ever Virtual Event

22 Oct 2021
by Stefanie

Last Saturday, we held our First Ever Virtual Event in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month and we couldn’t have done it without the support of each and everyone of you. For those who weren’t able to make it that gorgeous Saturday morning, we’re here to walk you through and reminisce a little of this special day with us!

Our Virtual Event was hosted by the beautiful Lez Ann and her bright smile and bubbly personality definitely made our morning just that tad bit more bearable. She did an unboxing of our Be A Uniquecorn Gift Box and we were so delighted to hear that many of you had already received and enjoyed it too!

Subsequently, we invited Miss Ranjit Kaur, President of the Breast Cancer Welfare Association Malaysia (BCWA) to speak about breast cancer. It was an enlightening talk as we learnt more in-depth of the dedicated workforce behind BCWA, constantly committed to ensuring Malaysians get the right support they need if they are diagnosed with breast cancer. Not only that, Miss Ranjit also thoroughly explained the different forms of treatment available for patients and warned us of the risk factors.

Ladies, just our gender is one the risk factors! So please always remember to conduct a monthly breast self-examination to fully be aware of our breasts.

The talk was followed by an informative and interactive Q&A session between Miss Ranjit and the audience and we absolutely loved that all of you found this exceptionally useful!

As a breast cancer survivor herself, Miss Ranjit shared some words of encouragement as she shared her story of her diagnosis and seeking the right support system through BCWA. Her colleague, Miss Pavithra Raviselvam also shared an inspiring story of how she was there with her mother every step of the way from the moment she found out she had breast cancer.

We're incredibly proud of Miss Ranjit and Miss Pavithra for using their voice to speak up on this taboo-ed topic. With the support and help of associations and amazing people like them, we are one step closer to reducing the stigma that’s still associated with this disease up until today.

After listening to such heartwarming stories, Miss Ranjit conducted a quick and easy guide to breast self-examination. Emphasizing on the importance of early detection, familiarising ourselves with our own bodies helps tremendously for us to quickly notice if there are any changes to it. The audience were invited to follow-along as Miss Ranjit demonstrated the proper technique to feel for any lumps beneath our skin.

Before the end of our Virtual Event, the audience were treated to a rejuvenating yoga session by Under Armour Brand Ambassador and Malaysian celebrity, Atilia Haron! Her cheeky personality and beloved aura was toned down as she spoke about her mother, who is also a breast cancer survivor. Noting on the importance of support by loved ones, she shared her love and support to others who may also be fighting the disease, alone. Ending off on a good note, Atilia showed us some basic and beginner-friendly yoga poses and breathing techniques that were just perfect to set our body, mind and heart in a divine mood throughout the rest of our day!

Quick note from the team at Signature Market: Thank you so much to everyone who had joined in to support the cause with us. From purchasing our Be A Uniquecorn Gift Box to attending this Virtual Event, we truly couldn’t thank you enough. Know that all your support brings us one step closer to achieving our RM20k donation goal and subsequently to reduce the stigma towards breast cancer.