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From Waste to Warmth


From Waste to Warmth

5 Apr 2022
by Stefanie

Love is the feeling of being deeply cared for and appreciated. While most of us view love as something common, it’s a different side of the story for orphans for it’s something that comes by so rarely. However, they deserve all the love and warmth in the world, and we’re here to help make that reality a little easier and closer for them.

Hence, we’re joining hands with Tzu Chi Foundation Malaysia and Sewing World Gallery this month to spread unconditional love to orphans and raise awareness of fabric upcycling. We’ll be collecting old pieces of clothing from Tzu Chi Foundation Malaysia’s recycling centre and further resewing them into new patchwork hand towels with the help of the single mothers supported by Sewing World Gallery. With the traditional one hundred family quilt as inspiration, the end products will be gifted to the orphans during Mother’s Day, as a form of blessing and well wishes from our beloved community and the parties involved.

If you’re keen to support this meaningful project, you may kindly make a donation through the directions as follows:

How To Donate

Option 1:

1. Bank in / transfer your donation directly to Signature Market’s bank account.

*Extra note: Kindly insert “WARMTHSM” as your transaction reference.

Option 2:

1. Please proceed to checkout once you are done shopping. After you have filled in your shipping details, you will be given the option to donate a portion of your savings to Signature Outflowing.

2. Opt to donate up to 100% of your savings from shopping with Signature Market to support the fabric upcycling effort and single mothers. It's truly the most wholesome win-win for everyone.

3. Proceed to make your payment, with your savings donated to the crafts of patchwork hand towels that’ll be gifted to orphans.