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Coping With Stress Amidst The Pandemic


Coping With Stress Amidst The Pandemic

12 Apr 2022
by Stefanie

The pandemic has had a crucial impact on society’s mental health. Just like the rest of the world, fellow Malaysians are facing sorrow, stress, confusion, anxiety and anger from major disruptions over this international crisis. Studies from the University Of Malaya show that the seriousness of overall mental health problems spiked as the pandemic progressed and depression was found to be the main risk factor associated with suicidal ideations and behaviors.

Students of our beautiful nation are undergoing anxiety, depressive and stress symptoms due to economic effects, changes in academic activities, hardships in adapting to virtual learning methods and uncertainty of the future such as career paths and academics. Meanwhile, financial distress, food chain disruptions, global supply trends such as integrated circuits affecting businesses and the ever-increasing prices of daily essentials due to the pandemic has been reported as a key correlate of poor mental health amongst the Malaysian workforce.

Although the future is filled with ample uncertainty, we must practice perseverance and consistently remind one another that there is always light at the end of the tunnel. Hence, to help you cope better with stress during these trying times, we have prepared a list of activities below for you to try over your spare time:

Limiting news on Covid-19
Excessively seeking updates on Covid-19 can be emotionally strenuous, especially when you are glued to your phone anxiously waiting for stock trading or crypto currency related news during these tough times. Try making a conscious effort to disconnect for a short period of time and build new healthy habits like turning off push notifications from news apps, seeking credible and reliable sources of information or allocating specific times for news browsing. Alternatively, you could also read and watch the news with your loved ones to discuss any worries you might have in order to avoid leaving anxious thoughts unchecked.

Surround yourself in nature
Numerous studies have proven that spending time with nature has a positive effect on mental health; some of which includes lowered blood pressure and reduced cortisol (stress hormone). Spending 20 minutes daily to connect with nature via a stroll down your neighborhood park after work or revamping a small section of your home into a plant haven would suffice. It also contributes to your physical wellbeing, further reducing blood pressure, heart rate and muscle tension. Allow the zen to uplift your spirit and energy when being surrounded by nature.

Seek professional support
It is important to recognize when it is necessary for you to seek professional advice as it takes ample strength and bravery to reach out to strangers for help. It signifies vulnerability and courage! Hence, if you feel like you are constantly struggling to stay afloat or overwhelmed, do not be afraid to consult a therapist or psychiatrist for professional help. You could also consider reaching out for peer support to share your personal experiences and empathy while focusing on individual wellbeing and recovery. In case you are one to shy away from physical meetings, you can always opt to conduct these sessions via a virtual voice call or meeting to calm your nerves.