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Love Heals


Love Heals

19 May 2022
by Stefanie

When you fill your mind with thoughts of love, kindness and joy, your reality will undoubtedly become all of these things.

You will start feeling love as you go about your daily routine.
You will start seeing kindness in the world around you.
You will start appreciating the little things in life that bring you joy.

Always remember that it is always better to be a lover and a giver. Frankly speaking, when you connect with someone on a more personal level, you will tend to notice little things that give you the irk and that is just how it is. But, when you choose to connect with love as the core value, that is what makes things different. Here are a couple of reasons why you should always spread love wherever you go!

Our stress levels are significantly reduced.
When we do good things for other people, we reduce our own stress and increase our mental and emotional wellbeing. Practice the act of doing good deeds to others and spreading love without any expectations in return. You will feel a whole lot better, trust us!

We create a safety bubble.
Love is often a manifestation of those who care about us. The people who choose to spread love are usually the same people who have your best interests at heart. You will no longer want to build walls with those around you but instead, you will be building bridges.

We attract the good.
We always aim to build better relationships and connections with those around us in your daily lives. When you spread love, it often comes back to you in little ways where you will not always notice. Whether it be through the kind man who held the door open for you or when the sweet lady lent you her phone when yours ran out of battery.