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Communicating with Children 101: Class Commencing!


Communicating with Children 101: Class Commencing!

28 Sep 2022
by Rachel Ng

Have you ever felt frustrated that your once sweet child is now defiant and talking back? Concerned over sudden tantrums and at your wit’s end about how to deal with a seemingly unreasonable kiddo? Fret not, being unable to decipher what your child really wants to say doesn’t mean you’re a bad parent or guardian. After all, we’re only human and cannot read minds.

However, what you can do to help ease the issue at hand is to figure out the secret to better communication with your child! Misunderstandings are common when your children are still growing up and learning how to express themselves, and learning how to communicate better can save you and your little ones from a world of tantrums and frustrations which may affect your parent-child relationship in the long-run. If you’re considering joining parenting classes that cost an arm and a leg, stop right there! Why not join our “Winning Conversations With Your Children” training programmes facilitated by master trainer KH Koh instead?

This 2-part workshop is spearheaded by KH Koh, a certified trainer, hypnotherapist and coach with a passion for helping others achieve their full potential via leadership and personal development training. You can find out more about him via his LinkedIn profile .

Communicating effectively is a teachable skill that will surely serve you well no matter who you’re talking to or what ages they may be, so join us for this educational experience at the following times:

Title: Winning Conversations With Your Children
Date: [Part 1] 5 October 2022 (Wednesday)
[Part 2] 12 October 2022 (Saturday)
Time: 8:30PM

What can you expect to take away from this workshop?
• Learn how to change the relationships in your life with more effective conversations.
• Discover a proven way on how to make your children want to listen and talk to you.
• Learn about the factors that affect the type of responses you get from your children.

Ready to learn how to strengthen the bond between you and your children via great communication? Click here to book your virtual seat today!

Note: Only participants who have attended the first session of the programme on 5 October 2022 will be allowed to join the second session on 12 October 2022.