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The Benefits Of Yoga For Women


The Benefits Of Yoga For Women

25 Mar 2022
by Stefanie

If you're anything like me and absolutely dread hitting the gym, yoga makes a pretty great alternative to helping us get that extra bit of workout in our daily routine. It's also an added bonus for us, women as yoga has some phenomenal benefits for us so if you're still pondering on whether you should make the switch and become a yogi, look no further and read on!

1. Yoga eases your pregnancy journey.
We've covered this in a previous blogpost on the benefits of prenatal yoga. You can read up about it here. Research done by medical experts have specifically found that yoga helps with stress management and aides in reducing pelvic pain ‐ Something pregnant women typically struggle with. However, it's important to always check with your doctor and ensure all is clear.

2. Yoga soothes your menstrual cycle.
It'll definitely feel a little weird and uncomfy when you're moving a whole lot while on your period. However, findings have shown that far more pros outweigh the cons when you're practicing yoga while on your period. For those who typically experience bad menstrual cramps, yoga helps alleviate it by bringing your mind to a more relaxing state. You'll also release endorphins, which serve sort of as painkillers for your body hence helping relax the muscles which are cramping.