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How Can Yoga Aid Burnout?


How Can Yoga Aid Burnout?

20 Apr 2022
by Dhanya Parameswaran

As the world slowly adapts to living with Covid-19, the term “burnout” has been widely used to describe a vast majority of fellow Malaysians’ everyday lives. Burnout refers to a physical, mental and emotional state of an individual feeling right on the edge of total exhaustion. It is also referred to as an occupational hazard of the 21st century from feeling immense pressure at work, in family scenarios and personal lives. Which has resulted in an alarming rate of depression occurring in the workforce today, especially when being surrounded by an increasingly demanding society.

Although burnout cannot be as easily identified as chronic diseases or stress, it can still cause individuals to lose motivation in their daily tasks and fall sick easily as a result of neglecting their physical well-being over time. With that being said, we have prepared a list of yoga poses below to help ease your burden this Stress-Awareness Month:

Mountain Pose
Do not be fooled by the illusion of a simple yogi standing pose, it is a great way to kick start your yoga practice. Additionally, this pose consists of a good technique and form to strengthen your ankles, thighs, knees and most importantly, keeping you calm and grounded through good breathing and setting your intention throughout the day.

Downward Dog
The infamous downward dog is notorious for being one of the most well-known poses in the yoga realm. Start by placing your body on all fours, straighten your legs with your hips pointed towards the ceiling to ensure you make a reverse “V” on the yoga mat to activate your hamstrings. Further encouraging you to relax and calm the mind when your head is grounded to the yoga mat.

Low Lunge
Begin this pose by stepping your dominant foot forward into a regular lunge position, straighten your toes and forefoot to touch the yoga mat as you descend keeping your dominant foot lunged and knee forward. Then reach your arms over your head while relaxing those shoulders away from the ear and sink into your hips. Additionally, if you need extra padding under your non-dominant knee use a blanket, towel or soft pillow for support.

Butterfly Pose
The butterfly pose is very calming, as it allows your body to sink into the earth while your hips and glutes stretch at the same time. You should aim to hold it for as long as you like, steadily breathing in and out, letting yourself sink down further with each exhale. Start the pose by bringing the bottom of your soles together while ensuring your knees fall out to the sides while creating a diamond shape. Holding onto the sides of your feet, breathe in to stretch your spine and exhale while folding forward from your hips upwards toward your feet.