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Signature Sincere Blessings Hamper CNY 2018

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Signature Sincere Blessings Hamper CNY 2018

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about this product

Signature Healthy Hamper CNY 2018 contains:-
  1. 1 pack of Healthy Organic Bentong Ginger Tea (150g)
  2. 1 pack of Black Sesame Energy Squares (Pumpkin Seed) (200g)
  3. 1 pack of Thai Dried Mango (130g)
  4. 1 pack of Real Seaweed Crisps (100g)
  5. 1 pack of Roasted Pistachio in Shell Salted (Bulk Pack) (400g),
  6. 1 pack of Healthy nut mix (140g)
  7. 1 pack of Sun Dried Apricot (200g)
  8. 1 pack of Roasted Natural Black Beans (180g)
  9. 1 pack of Green Tea Cranberries Almond Nougat (7 x 12g)
  10. 1 pack of Wild Queen Honey (100% Pure Italian Bee Honey) (535g)
  11. 1 pack of Grade A Instant Matcha Latte (100g)
  12. 1 pack of Korean Wakame (80g)
  13. 1 pack of Natural Black Fungus (50g)
  14. 1 pack of Organic Chia Seed (Halal) (200g)
  15. 1 pack of Dried Goji Berry / Wolfberry (枸杞 / Kei Chi) (200g)
  16. 1 pack of Dried Red Dates (新疆紅棗) (200g)
  17. 1 pack of Organic Chia Seeds Mee Suar (Halal) (250g)
  18. 1 pack of Natural Spinach Pan Noodle (Halal) (250g)
  19. 1 pack of Natural Charcoal Ramen (Halal) (250g)
  20. 1 pack of Organic Energy Soy Milk Powder (No Added Sugar) (400g)
This hamper is full of blessing for sincere blessings. It is best as a gift for other people as most sincere blessings gift box. The best value and affordable for everyone as a premium gift.

Special note:
*Pictures shown are for illustration propose only, decorative items are not included *Hamper contents may be substituted with similar items of equal value due to stock availability

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