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BPA Free Shaker Bottle

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BPA Free Shaker Bottle

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About This Product

Want smooth, lump-free beverages in the morning? Our BPA Shaker Bottle will be your favourite beverage companion then. Made from BPA-free non-toxic plastics (no phthalates), this bottle comes with a screw-tight lid and snap-on flap over the drinking spout making it spill-proof and secure enough to be taken to the gym or office in your bag. This lightweight bottle allows you to mix your favourite protein or organic beverages with ease. The ball spring enclosed within helps whisk away any powder lumps, leaving you with a smooth lump-free drinking experience. Simply add your powdered beverage of choice and water as per instructions and shake away! It’s that simple. Add this to your cart today and start shaking your way to a healthier you.

Health Benefits
1. The body can easily absorb nutrients in liquid form.
2. It’s a quick supplement for meals and is ready in an instant.
3. Easier to track the amount of calories you’re ingesting as you’ll have to measure the amount of powdered beverage/protein powder used.

BPA Free Shaker Bottle (400ml)
RM 14.90
No Longer Available