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Antzout (Remove Ants)


Antzout (Remove Ants)

(7g x 2)
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Natural , Non-toxic

about this product
Mossif3 Antzout is nontoxic, made with Boric Acid and other food grade materials to remove ants.

It takes a period of 2 days to a week to remove ants’ colony depending on the seriousness of the infestation.

Antzout is made with natural ingredients. It is safe to be used in kitchen, dining, garden and just about anywhere. It is children, animal and plant safe. Please follow the instructions on usage and safety.

1. Just apply 2-3cm of the gel onto the ant trail.
2. Once the gel is still wet and soft the adult ants will consume it.
3. Once it dries up the adult ants will carry the substance back to their nest for the nymphs to digest, this then will wipe out the entire colony.
4. If the ants’ trail is long just apply the gel every 5 feet.
5. Repeat the application if new colony develop.

Product specification
Contains: Made with Boric Acid and other food grade ingredients.
Last: 2cm/35 application.
Usage: Suitable for use in kitchen, cabinet, dining room and garden.
Unit : 7ml gel in tube.
Outer : 3 units
Shelf life : 2 years from manufacturing date.

Safety: Keep out of reach of children. If swallowed drink more water or consult medical help. Do not attempt to induce vomiting.

NOTE: Ants are important to our ecology. Use Antzout only if it is necessary.
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