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Organic Aloe Vera Vinegar (Expiry on: Oct 2022)

Signature Market

Organic Aloe Vera Vinegar (Expiry on: Oct 2022)

Retail : RM 56
Member : RM 18 (Save 67%)
No Longer Available

Organic, Beauty Care

about this product
This product is rich in collagen and able to strengthen skin elasticity. It has anti-inflammatory characteristic and is able to prevent the growth of skin bacteria. This product also comes with natural moisturizing factors (NMF) thats helps to prevent loss of skin moisture. In conclusion, this product is a natural beautifying agent.

Signature Market Organic Aloe Vera Vinegar used Agricultural University Aloe Vera with good bacteria fermentation, safe and reliable, its functions are as follows:
  • Moisturizing, restore collagen Organic Aloe Vera Vinegar rich in amino acid and polysaccharides which use to form natural moisturizing complex of factors (NMF), which can complement the loss of skin moisture and restore the function of collagen to prevent facial wrinkles, keep skin soft, smooth and elastic.

  • Anti-inflammatory, sun protection Organic Aloe Vera vinegar has anti-inflammatory effect and prevent bacterial growth, promote cell metabolism, skin regeneration, relieve pain and itching, significant effect on some skin diseases. It also prevents swelling caused by the sun, burning sensation, to protect the skin from burns. Beneficial to the skin metabolism of amino acids, can prevent the sun's ultraviolet damage and oxidation on the skin, protect skin cell metabolism with the reduction of radiation resistance.

  • Bactericidal effect Organic Aloe Vera Vinegar contain aloin A, polysaccharide peptide hormones and trauma manna (Ke-2) and so has anti-viral infection, promote wound healing , anti-inflammatory, heat swelling, softening the skin, to maintain cell viability function, gel callus acid and polysaccharide also has a healing activity, which is swelling of the face of acne and blisters so has a certain effect.

  • To promote the role of metabolism Organic aloe Vera vinegar can improve the body's metabolism, promote blood circulation smoothly, and allow all parts of the body obtain adequate nutrition, to improve cell revitalizing, can prevent the formation of freckles, and have protective effect on health of hair.

  • Strengthen cardiac blood Iso-citrate in the Aloe Vera vinegar has a strong heart effect, promote blood circulation, soften hardening of arteries, lower cholesterol levels, expansion of the role of capillaries, smoothen the blood circulation, reduce cholesterol, reduce the burden on the heart, blood pressure remained normal, clear Blood "toxins. "

  • Improve immunity Aloe Vera vinegar can improve the body's anti-cancer immunity an kill cancer cells in living organisms ; treatment of cancer with Aloe Vera vinegar have a theory that is "self-healing power" enhance the body's own Aloe Vera healing power, this fact has been proved.

  • Detoxification Aloe Vera vinegar can remove metabolic waste, and also to eliminate external toxins from invading organisms. Radiation or nuclear radiation to treat cancer can cause burns in the process of skin ulcers, not only detoxification, inflammation, regeneration of new cells, but also increase white blood cells due to its loss during radiation therapy .

  • Anti-aging effects Aloe Vera vinegar rich in the collagen protein. This can prevent cell aging and act as an important component in the treatment of chronic allergies. Exist in the muscle and gastrointestinal mucosa, etc., so that cells and tissues elastic.

  • Ingredients
    Organic Aloe Vera, Wild Honey, Spring Water, Yeast.

    Serving Direction
    Dilute 30gm of Signature Market Organic Aloe Vera Vinegar with 300ml of plain water. Take after meal. Twice a day

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    Organic Aloe Vera Vinegar (Expiry on: Oct 2022) (375ml)
    RM 18.00 RM 56.00
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