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Anti-3H Rice

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Anti-3H Rice

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Natural, Healthy Rice

About this product
The term "3H" refers to High Blood Cholesterol, High Blood Glucose and High Blood Pressure. How do we get "3H"? Prolong intake of unhealthy food & beverage, bad lifestyle habits, smoking, and sedentary for periods of time lead to 3H.

Anti-3H Rice is formulated by the combination:
1. Parboiled Basmathi from India. The rice is low in Glycemic Index (GI) which is suitable for diabetic patients.
2. Tri-Color Royal Quinoa found in Anti-3H rice is high in protein, iron and calcium which are suitable for iron deficiency anaemia.
3. Calrose Brown Rice can promotes body absorption of nutrients, enhances gastrointestinal function & resistance, and promote liver detoxification & defecation.
4. Tartary Buckwheat contains the effect of lower down blood cholesterol, blood glucose, blood pressure and as well as detox the body.

With these combination, Anti-3H Rice is suitable for senior citizens and people with indigestion or 3 High Symptoms. Anti-3H Rice will be the extra add on to delight your meal by enrich the taste and texture of your rice meal. It is also a great new option for you to try out if you are looking for some new taste or convenient option.

✔ Gluten-Free
✔ Non-GMO
✔ No Preservative
✔ Easily Digestible Formula

Want to know more about Glycemic Index and rice? Click here to know more on our article "The Glycemic Index and Your Bowl of Rice."

Cooking Suggestion
One cup of rice cook with one and a half cup of water.
Rice to water ratio is 1:1.5.

Parboiled Basmathi, Calrose Brown Rice, Organic Tri-color Royal Quinoa, Tartary Buckwheat.

Keep in cool and dry place.
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Anti-3H Rice (800g)
RM 16.00
No Longer Available