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Protein Energizer Rice

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Protein Energizer Rice

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Natural, Healthy Rice

About this product
After every workout session, glucose and protein is needed by the body for being converted to glycogen for storage, muscle repair and cells rebuilding. Therefore, adequate consumption of carbohydrate and protein should be practices after workout sessions.

Protein Energizer Rice is formulated by the combination:
1. Parboiled Basmathi from India. The rice is low in Glycemic Index (GI) which is suitable for diabetic patients.
2. Organic Millet is not only superior to other grains in terms of protein, it is also a good source of minerals & vitamin B. Besides, millet is a hypoallergic (low allergy) & gluten-free grain.
3. White Royal Quinoa is a good protein source for vegan as it is high in protein compare to most of the grains, which helps in muscles growth.
4. Calrose Brown Rice can promotes body absorption of nutrients, enhances gastrointestinal function & resistance, and promote liver detoxification & defecation.

Protein Energizer Rice contains higher protein contents compare to other common rice you can find in market. With the high protein contents in the rice, Protein Energizer Rice is suitable for those who needs higher protein consumption like people after workout and even vegan as it is vegan friendly.

✔ Gluten- Free
✔ Non-GMO
✔ No Preservative
✔ High in Protein

Want to know more about Glycemic Index and rice? Click here to know more on our article "The Glycemic Index and Your Bowl of Rice."

Cooking Suggestion
One cup of rice cook with one and a half cup of water.
Rice to water ratio is 1:1.5.

Parboiled Basmathi, Organic Millet, Organic White Royal Quinoa, Calrose Brown Rice

Keep in cool and dry place.
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Protein Energizer Rice (800g)
RM 16.00
No Longer Available