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Shizuoka Matcha Milk Spread

Signature Market

Shizuoka Matcha Milk Spread

Selling : RM 24.9 (Save 54%)

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About This Product

The Shizuoka Matcha Milk Spread is a true matcha lover's dream come true, with its invigorating fragrance of pure Japanese matcha, the rich bittersweet green tea flavour and the creaminess of real milk. These premium matcha leaves owe its intense aroma, taste and hue to careful nurturing, pristine weather conditions and clean waters on the slopes of the iconic Mount Fuji, from which these tea plants are harvested. When combined with the smooth creaminess of real milk, it transforms into an indulgent spread that strikes the perfect balance of bittersweet and milky. Enjoy a taste of Japan with your breakfast toast, fruit platters, smoothies, desserts and more with our Shizuoka Matcha Milk Spread!

Country of Origin: Malaysia

Milk Powder, Cocoa Butter, Vegetable Oil, Sugar, Matcha Powder.

Allergy Information
Contains dairy products.

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Rac*** T from Subang jaya , Selangor | Posted 4 weeks ago

Fragrant, perfect balance of flavours

First matcha spread I’ve tried and it was amazing! The bitter notes from the matcha paired perfectly with the sweet milky taste of the cocoa butter and milk powder—it wasn’t too sweet nor too bitter. Upon opening the jar, you can instantly detect notes of milk powder, cocoa butter and matcha that create a wonderful fragrance. Nice consistency and texture.

Shizuoka Matcha Milk Spread (180g)
RM 24.90
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