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Abundance of Wealth CNY Gift Box (鸿运高升礼盒)

Signature Market

Abundance of Wealth CNY Gift Box (鸿运高升礼盒)

(22 Items)
Retail : RM 1418.6
Member : RM 588 (Save 58%)
Out Of Stock
About this product

This gift box is filled with an array of wellness-infused products that signifies abundance of wealth just like the variety of snacks included. Besides, Plant Origins products are also included in this gift box for your wellness/self-care session that contributes to your abundance mindset.

What’s in the box?
  1. Healthy Nut Mix (Bulk Pack) (500g)
  2. Omega-3 Trail Mix Daily Pack (25g x 10sachets)
  3. Low Carb Mix (Bulk Pack) (500g)
  4. Roasted Pistachio in Shell Salted (Bulk Pack) (400g)
  5. Dried Strawberries (Bulk Pack) (500g)
  6. Dark Chocolate Chip Butter Cookies (Gluten Free) (180g)
  7. Thai Dried Mango (bulk pack)(500g)
  8. Real Veggie Crisps (100g)
  9. Wasabi Green Peas (Bulk Pack) (400g)
  10. Golden Pineapple Tartlets (160g)
  11. Avocado Honey Multigrain Smoothie (30g x 10 sachets)
  12. Artisan Brew Drip Coffee (Dark Roast) (10g x 10 sachet)
  13. Plant Origins Refresh & Reset Aromatherapy Room Spray (100ml)
  14. Plant Origins Aromatherapy Diffuser With Remote (550ml)
  15. Plant Origins Clean The Air Essential Oil Blend (10ml)
  16. Plant Origins Mandarin Essential Oil (10ml)
  17. Heart of Spring Tote Bag x2
  18. Heart of Spring Coaster x2
  19. Heart of Spring Bamboo Bowl x2
  20. Heart of Spring CNY Box with Sleeve

Special note:
*Pictures shown are for illustration purpose only, decorative items are not included.
*Gift Box contents may be substituted with similar items of equal value due to stock availability.
*Box is included in each of the gift set

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Abundance of Wealth CNY Gift Box (鸿运高升礼盒) (22 Items)
RM 588.00 RM 1,418.60
Out Of Stock