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Bird’s Nest with Ginseng, White Fungus & Rock Sugar (泡参雪耳冰糖燕窝)

Signature Market

Bird’s Nest with Ginseng, White Fungus & Rock Sugar (泡参雪耳冰糖燕窝)

(150g x 4 bottles)
Retail : RM 89
Member : RM 39.9 (Save 55%)
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About This Product

A delicacy among Chinese royalty and nobles since ancient times, the swiftlet bird’s nest is a treat so prized that it was nicknamed ‘white gold’ or ‘Caviar of the East’. Each precious bird's nest cup contains epidermal growth factor (EGF), sialic acid and glycoprotein, offering benefits such as clearer complexions, anti-ageing properties, improved immunity, speedier recovery, better postnatal health and enhanced intellectual development. Our Bird’s Nest with Ginseng, White Fungus & Rock Sugar offers a triple dose of benefits thanks to the infusion of traditional Chinese herbs such as Qi- and yin-strengthening Ginseng, as well as lung- and stomach-nourishing White Fungus, which works to reinvigorate individuals who suffer from cough, dry skin, heatiness and weak physique in general. Conveniently packaged in four single-serving bottles, our bird’s nest is HACCP-certified and made from 100% pure superior-grade bird’s nest strips, gently extracted by hand and cleaned with filtered water and without chemicals for a deliciously wholesome and nutritious delicacy, perfect for the whole family!

Country of Origin: Malaysia

Rock Sugar Solution (冰糖溶液), White fungus (雪耳), Bird’s Nest (燕窝), American Ginseng (泡参).

Allergy Information
Individuals who are allergic to fluid-like protein, e.g. milk and eggs should avoid this product.

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Tar* C N from WPKL , Kuala Lumpur | Posted 1 week ago


Bird's Nest

Very snoothing and refreshing, recommended...

Bird’s Nest with Ginseng, White Fungus & Rock Sugar (泡参雪耳冰糖燕窝) (150g x 4 bottles)
RM 39.90 RM 89.00
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