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[Fish Exclusive] Healthy Snacking Treats Bundle 嘴巴痒套组

Signature Market

[Fish Exclusive] Healthy Snacking Treats Bundle 嘴巴痒套组

(6 items)
Retail : RM 154.8
Member : RM 60 (Save 61%)
No Longer Available

About This Product

Always snacking? You can now snack guilt-free with our Healthy Snacking Treats Bundle that will satisfy your tummy while giving you the nutrients your body needs at only RM60! All nuts are sure to be fresh as we baked our nuts daily with low temperature baking technique that ensures nutrients are locked in while our herbs contains no preservative or additives to preserve it which leaves you with fresh and authentic herbs for a delicious bowl of soup.

What's more? Get a FREE Especially For You Snack Bag that's perfect as a gift or even for your grocery run! Grab this 24 hours limited-time Healthy Snacking Treats Bundle today! Only exclusively for Fish Facebook Live viewers.

What's in the bundle?
  • Omega-3 Trail Mix (140g)
  • Classic Nut Mix (140g)
  • Cranberry Blackcurrant Mix (200g)
  • Macadamia Nuts In Shell (130g)
  • 6 Herbs Soup (六味汤) (115g)
  • FREE GIFT: Especially For You Snack Bag (1 unit)

  • Ingredients in Omega-3 Trail Mix
    Cranberry, Almond, Walnut, Pumpkin Seed, Pecan Nut, Pistachio.

    Ingredients in Classic Nut Mix
    Almond, Lightly Salted Peanut (Himalayan Salt), Cashew Nut, Pecan, Hazelnut.

    Ingredients in Cranberry Blackcurrant Mix (200g)
    Dried Cranberry, Dried Blackcurrant.

    Ingredients in 6 Herbs Soup (六味汤)
    Polygonatum Odoratum (Solomon’s seal)(玉竹), Lotus Seed (莲子), Gorgon Fruit (fox nut/Euryale seed)(芡实), Longan (龙眼), Chinese Yam (淮山), Lily Bud (百合), Snow Fungus (雪耳).

    Allergy Information
    Contains nuts.

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    [Fish Exclusive] Healthy Snacking Treats Bundle 嘴巴痒套组 (6 items)
    RM 60.00 RM 154.80
    No Longer Available