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Honey Lemon Earl Grey Almond Butter

Signature Market

Honey Lemon Earl Grey Almond Butter

Retail : RM 38
Member : RM 25.9 (Save 32%)
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About This Product

Bright, citrusy and deliciously decadent, our Honey Lemon Earl Grey Almond Butter is perfect for those who fancy a cuppa with their toast or those who are looking for a vegan alternative to their favourite tea-infused spread. When life gives you lemons, gently soak them in honey and combine them with a rich, creamy Earl Grey-infused nut butter studded with crunchy Californian almond bits to strike the perfect balance of tangy sweetness and velvety. Sounds good? We think so too. Throw your taste buds the ultimate flavour par-tea with this handcrafted spread that’s nut only high in fibre, vitamin C and antioxidants, but is also an excellent source of heart-healthy fats, plant-based protein and essential minerals. Make the switch to our Honey Lemon Earl Grey Almond Butter today for a healthier, fruitier experience!

Country of Origin: Malaysia

Almonds, Honey, Lemon, Earl Grey Tea, Himalayan Salt.

Allergy Information
Contains tree nuts.

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Eve*** W C Y from Kota Kinabalu, Sabah | Posted 3 months ago

Recommended 9.9/10

The taste is superb & amazing

Anonymous | Posted 4 months ago

Taste Amazingggg and freshhh

I bought it because it is so special and I never saw this flavour before. Surprisingly it was tastes so good

Honey Lemon Earl Grey Almond Butter (180g)
RM 25.90 RM 38.00
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