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Air-Dried Fish Strips (For Dogs & Cats)

Two Tails

Air-Dried Fish Strips (For Dogs & Cats)

(50g x 2)
Retail : RM 30
Member : RM 18.9 (Save 37%)
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About This Product

Just like us humans, nutrition plays a crucial role in influencing the health of animals as well. Aside from regular exercise, feeding your furry friend delicious and nutritious treats is the key to increased life expectancy and quality of life. Fur-tunately, you can get your pet off to a great start with our Air-Dried Fish Strips - no matter canine or feline, these treats will have them making a beeline towards you! Specially formulated for dogs and cats of all life stages, our fish treats are crafted with a variety of 100% real, omega-3-rich fish meat, as well as an added boost of coconut oil and superfoods that’s been gently air dried to retain its natural flavours and nutrients for healthier skin and fur coats without the use of artificial preservatives, flavouring or colouring.

Country of Origin: Malaysia

Tilapia, Scad, Tuna, Salmon, Flaxseeds, Sunflower Seeds, Coconut Oil.

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Air-Dried Fish Strips (For Dogs & Cats) (50g x 2)
RM 18.90 RM 30.00
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