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Plant Origins Mother's Lullabies Gift Box

Plant Origins

Plant Origins Mother's Lullabies Gift Box

(7 units)
Retail : RM 410
Member : RM 99.9 (Save 75%)
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About This Product

What’s a childhood memory that gives you warm fuzzy feelings even after all these years? For many, it’s laying in the arms of a loved one, while being gently lulled to sleep to the soft humming of childhood lullabies. As years go by, we soon realise that those who used to help us fight nightmares and check under our beds for monsters now have dark circles under their eyes from a lack of quality sleep. While singing lullabies to our dear ones when we’re far apart isn’t feasible, that doesn’t mean we can’t send them something to help smoothen the path to dreamland. Gift them a line-up of specially-curated aromatherapy essentials such as our fan favourite Good Night Sleep Essential Oil Blend in both oil and roller form to help them get the restful sleep they deserve - no lullabies needed.

This gift box includes:
Plant Origins Good Night Sleep Essential Oil Roller (10ml)
Plant Origins Aromatherapy Wooden Portable Diffuser (100ml)
Plant Origins Bulgarian Lavender Essential Oil (10ml)
Plant Origins Good Night Sleep Aromatherapy Room Spray Sample Card (3ml)
Plant Origins Daily Gentle Cleanser sample (3ml)
Plant Origins Daily Dewy Moisture Cream sample (3ml)
Plant Origins Daily Soothing Skin Mist sample (3ml)

*Pictures shown are for illustration purposes only, decorative items are not included.
*Gift box contents may be substituted with similar items of equal value according to stock availability.

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Plant Origins Mother's Lullabies Gift Box (7 units)
RM 99.90 RM 410.00
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