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Popsicle Planet Tote Bag

(1 unit)

RRP: RM 59

Member : RM 19.9 (Save 66%)

About This Product

Whether you’re readying yourself for a trip to the grocery store or a mission to the moon, a tote bag with a huge capacity and comfy straps is always a plus! Introducing our Popsicle Planet Tote Bag, the super cute and practical cotton canvas tote bag that’s light on your shoulders and easy on the eyes too. No more sore shoulders from skinny tote straps cutting into you when you lug your groceries around, our all-new design features thicker, softer straps that drape perfectly across your shoulder without injuring it no matter the weight you’re toting. It also features a double-sided print so you won’t have to worry about carrying it the wrong way round when you’re rushing to your next destination! Did we mention that it’s also really space-ious? Now you know! Add the Popsicle Planet Tote Bag to your cart today for an eco-friendly and stylish shopping companion that’ll never let you down.

Product Details
Product Dimensions: 35cm(W) x 36cm(H) x 8.5cm(D)
Material: 10oz Polycotton
Handle: 1.5”/3.8cm(W)

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4 reviews

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Sit* F H from Jitra, Kedah

Posted 2 years ago

verified purchase

Good purchase

Speedy delivery. Item received in good condition. The bag is quite sturdy

Pau**** l h m from Kuching, Sarawak

Posted 3 years ago

verified purchase

Popsicle tote bag

Nice bag. I like it!

Won* L Y ( from Shah Alam , Selangor

Posted 3 years ago

verified purchase

Very useful

Very colorful

Cha* L H from sibu, Sarawak

Posted 3 years ago

verified purchase



Popsicle Planet Tote Bag (1 unit)

RM 19.9 (Save 66%)

RM 59

RM 19.90 RM 59.00
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