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Organic Brown Sesame Seeds

Signature Snack

Organic Brown Sesame Seeds

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about this product
Organic, Non-GMO, Premium Quality

Country of Origin: Canada

Organic Brown Sesame Seeds are same family with black sesame seeds. Brown Sesame seeds usually harvested during autumn when the fruits at the peak of their ripeness. And next dry them in the sun, knock out of the seeds, remove impurities, and then dry in the sun once again. In term of taste, brown sesame seeds are soft with a duller but sweet flavor.

What's so special about Signature Snack Organic Brown Sesame Seeds?
Signature Snack Organic Brown Sesame Seeds are good source of sesamin, sesamolin (lignans), healthy fat, calcium, magnesium and iron. Magnesium and calcium are important essential minerals that help regulate blood pressure and support bone health. The sesamin can helps to strengthen our inner organs functions and beautify skin. It is also an excellent source of iron, protein and vitamin B.

How to do you serve Signature Snack Organic Brown Sesame Seeds?
Sesame seeds can be used as an ingredients for bakery products. It also can be used as toppings to salad, cereals, cooked vegetables, nut milks and make into tahini for spreads.

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