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Kuro Black Sesame Spread

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Kuro Black Sesame Spread

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About This Product

Small but mighty, black sesame seeds hide a wealth of health benefits in their inky depths. Often prescribed as an old-wives remedy to promote the growth of healthy dark hair, its smoky, toasty flavour and nutty aroma also make it a favourite of individuals who have peanut allergies as the taste is remarkably similar. However, its benefits don’t stop there. Black sesame seeds are a great source of fibre, plant-based protein, heart-healthy fats, antioxidants, B vitamins, calcium, magnesium, manganese and zinc - a rather impressive list that doesn’t just help you get a lustrous mane, but also prevents constipation, improves gut health, fortifies your bones, lowers blood pressure and reduces inflammation.
If grinding your own black sesame seeds into a paste seems too painstaking a process, then our Kuro Black Sesame Spread is the answer to your prayers. A silky-smooth spread from finely ground roasted black sesame seeds and lightly sweetened with brown sugar, its luxurious nutty, earthy flavour complements a variety of foods. Incorporate it into soymilk, spread it on bread and other baked goods, top your breakfast oats with it, the possibilities are endless.

Country of Origin: Malaysia

Roasted Black Sesame, Brown Sugar.

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