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Honeyed Moringa Crunch Granola

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Honeyed Moringa Crunch Granola

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About This Product

Credited with saving the lives of malnourished mothers and babies in India, moringa has been hailed as the miracle tree. Packing impressive amounts of antioxidants such as vitamin C, beta-carotene, Quercetin and Chlorogenic acid as well as iron, calcium and fibre, moringa is a popular health supplement and considered a superfood in the health food circle. With a flavour much like matcha spiked with notes of spirulina, it blends well with almost anything that matcha can be added to which is why it now gets its own spotlight in our Honeyed Moringa Crunch Granola. This granola added with nutritious grains like brown rice puffs, almonds, crunchy yoghurt stars and roselle rings. In addition to its impressive nutrition profile, this granola is also high in fibre and protein, offering up to 8.6g of fibre and 5.7g of protein per serving. Worried that its bittersweet flavours will be too strong for your palate? Fret not, we’ve added healthier sweetener options in the form of honey and brown sugar for a flavour that’s just right.

Country of Origin: Malaysia

Oats, Brown Sugar, Palm Oil, Brown Rice Puff, Milk Powder, Moringa Puff, Honey, Almonds, Yogurt Stars, Roselle Rings, Salt.

Allergy Information
Contains nut and dairy products.

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