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Bento Box

Signature Market

Bento Box

(1 Unit)
Retail : RM 60
Member : RM 30 (Save 50%)
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About This Product

Nothing beats having a hearty meal ready and waiting in your lunch box. After all, many of us have fond memories of childhood lunch times where we enjoyed a meal lovingly packed by our mums. But in order to recreate that feeling of eating a handmade meal by the original lunchbox prepping pros a.k.a our mums, you’ll first need to keep that energy-boosting spread of sustenance fresh. Hence, a good quality lunch box such as our Bento Box is absolutely a must-have! Lightweight, portable and with a variety of features that make meal portioning a breeze, our specially-designed bento box is here to help you make your mum proud of your adulting skills. Psst...better yet, prep mum a delicious homemade meal or picnic and watch a smile blossom on her face! Enjoy a lovely meal anytime, anywhere with the Signature Market Bento Box.

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Bento Box (1 Unit)
RM 30.00 RM 60.00
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