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ZIXXIS Wild Honey + Raw Ginger


ZIXXIS Wild Honey + Raw Ginger

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Grade A Premium Rainforest Honey

Zixxis Wild Honey

Malaysia harvested quality wild honey but most of it was exported and it rarely found in market. Zixxis’s raw and wild honey is one of the rare Malaysia honeys that we could find in market that with great benefits and unique taste. It is called Tualang honey that harvested from local rainforest in Pahang & Melaka.

The crush of wild honey and ginger? Sweet, refreshing, nourishing and little bit of sour, bittersweet and spicy.

Why Wild Honey and Ginger?

Traditional Proprietary Blend

The health beneftis of the Wild Honey and Raw Ginger are wide known. Both Honey and Ginger have their own individual healh benefits and the combiantion of the two provides even more bonuses, the nutritional properties of Honey and Ginger combined are unmatched by any other concoction.
This natural beverage contains numerous subtances necessary for good health, it is a functional food with great source of natural goodness and health benefits, which come from the unique blend of the nutrients in Honey and Ginger.

Nutrilicious wild honey and raw ginger mix has many marvelous health benefits that makes it a true wonder-food. It is not just a simple traditional proprietary blend to better health, but very delicious too! so, get your bottle now.

Natural goodness, mass nutritional benefits
Nutrilicious Wild Honey and Raw Ginger mix is fortified with high source of nutrients, it is a valuable natural food that is trusted for its numerous benefits.
Honey added with Ginger is an ancient tonic and herbal tradition, where honey will enhance the benefits of ginger.
It plays a beneficial role in health in myriad ways and many nutritionists recommended honey and ginger mix for its nutritional benefits in promoting general well being and good health.
With a naturally soothing taste, honey with ginger mix is a delicious and apetizing natural food. It also helps to promotes comfort and warmth; many love it for its exceptional nutritional value.
The wonders of wild honey and raw ginger; make wonder to our health.

“Zixxis Wild Honey, pure and unrefined, an empowering miracle for mankind.”

The 8 No's

-No filler
-No Binders
-No Flavoring
-No Preservatives
-No Artificial Ingredient
-No Chemical Addictives
-No Artificial Coloring
-No Suagar or Salt added

The Benefits of Honey

1. A Good Source of Antioxidants
2. Antibacterial and Antifungal Properties
3. Heal Wounds
4. Filled with Phytonutrients
5. Help for Digestive Issues
6. Soothe a Sore Throat

Say No to Fake Honey!

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