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Signature Active - Luscious Chocolate Fuel Bars

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Signature Active - Luscious Chocolate Fuel Bars

(45g x 5 bars)
Selling : RM 22.5 (Save 45%)

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About This Product

Our modern lifestyles are all about going faster, getting stronger and working harder. When you’re all about the hustle, you need the energy to keep up with the pace, whether it’s to execute your brilliant plans or to adhere to your lean, mean machine exercise regimes. That’s where Signature Active-Luscious Chocolate Fuel Bars come in. No skimping on flavour or ingredients here. Our Signature Active - Luscious Chocolate Fuel Bars are formulated to achieve the gold standard for snacking with the richness of dark chocolate and soy, the crispiness of brown rice crisps as well as the all-natural sweetness of date paste combined to give you the fuel you need to power through your day and still satisfy your taste buds. Each bar contains 5g of fibre and 6g of plant-based protein all wrapped up in a bittersweet chocolatey decadence that you can still savour even on cheat days. Need to snack while on the go but want to keep it mess-free? Don’t fret, they’re individually wrapped for the perfect on-the-go snack that you can enjoy anytime, anywhere.

Country of Origin: Malaysia

Date Paste, Soy Protein Isolate, Palm Oil, Brown Rice Crisp, Dark Cocoa Powder, Dark Chocolate Chip, Date Syrup.

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Signature Active - Luscious Chocolate Fuel Bars (45g x 5 bars)
RM 22.50
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