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Health Paradise Organic Clove (Whole)

Health Paradise

Health Paradise Organic Clove (Whole)

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about this product
Certified Organic, Premium Quality

Country of Origin: India

Cloves are commonly used both in whole bud or ground form. Cloves provide a sweet, spicy flavor to a range of bakery products such as bread or muffins. Many cooks find the spicy, one-of-a-kind flavor of cloves a welcome addition to applesauce, chili, and barbecue sauce. Besides, you also can add it to maple syrup, and drizzle over mashed sweet potatoes or pancakes.

About Health Paradise
Health paradise is established since 1997, the first organic wholesaler in South East Asia to be certified by NASAA in the repackaging of certified organic products and first organic wholesaler to be certified halal by JAKIM.

As a pioneer in importing bulk certified organic products for repacking and distribution, we ensure all organic products are labelled and re-packed legally. we are certified under the National Association for Sustainable Licensee which is licensed to re-pack and label organic products.

Ingredients: Organic Clove (Whole)

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