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Wild Queen Honey

Signature Market

Wild Queen Honey

Selling : RM 49 (Save 38%)

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About This Product

Superior Quality, Naturally Harvested, 100% Wild & Natural, Truly Pure & Unrefined

Country of Origin: Malaysia

Italian Bee Honey also known as "Apis Mellifera Bees Honey". Italian Bees is another species in tropical forests. Italian Bee honey is also another Malaysia harvested quality wild honey and consider the rare species honey that can be found in Malaysia. This honey is the precious superior quality of honey. It is also high in nutritional value and has medical properties which are being used as a remedy for illnesses and also diseases.

What so special about Signature Market Wild Queen Honey?
Our Italian Bee Honey is the 100% real honey. The quality are assure to everyone. We have a close and direct cooperation with the bee farm to harvest the most natural, superior honey to our consumer. From raise, to harvest, to pack the honey, it is done by full dedicate and care supervision to produce the best products.

Our honey NO artificial ingredient, NO flavouring, NO added sugar, NO preservative colouring. Besides, the Stingless Bee Honey is NOT heated. So it remain the most natural watery texture and moisture.

Benefits of Wild Queen Honey
Wild Queen Honey is for good health. It is full of beneficial nutrients’ and it is a good source for antioxidant, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, antiseptic, antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. In addition, its exceptional nutritional value that is rich in vitamins, minerals and active beneficial enzymes that it naturally possesses. It has many excellent health benefits that make it a true whole food. Honey is the most nutritious precious food given to the earth.

Taste of Wild Queen Honey
It taste differently compared to Wild King Honey. It is naturally sweet but not sour and pleasant and with a boost of floral fragrances to tantalizing your taste buds.

Pour one Tablespoon of Italian Honey together with water. You can adjust the amount of honey based on personal preference. Do not use the metal spoon to serve your honey. You can use the honey dipper or wood or plastic spoon to stir it.

100% Wild Honey.

Natural honey may crystallize, as this is honey’s natural process of preserving itself. Crystallized honey is edible.

Store in cool dry place at room temperature.
Do not store in fridge or freezer.
Avoid direct sunlight or excessive heat.

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Kel** from Klang , Selangor | Posted 5 days ago



Worth it

Wild Queen Honey (535g)
RM 49.00
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