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Tropical Diamond White Wild Honey

Signature Market

Tropical Diamond White Wild Honey

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Superior Quality Pure Wild Honey

About this products

Superior Quality, Naturally Harvested, 100% Wild & Natural, Truly Pure & Unrefined

To bring the best yet delicious honey, Signature Market have done a lots of research and we finally found three delicious honey that is harvested from wild Indonesia.
We assured the purity of the honey and the nutrient is high. Yet, the taste is real blend from the honey itself.

Why Signature Market Tropical Diamond White Wild Honey?
The quality are assured as we work closely with the bee farm to make sure it is harvested the most natural way. From farm, to harvest, to pack of the honey, it is done by full dedicate supervision. Only the purest white honey is chosen.

Our honey has NO artificial ingredient, NO flavouring, NO added sugar, NO preservative colouring.

Benefits of Tropical Diamond White Wild Honey
All forms of honey naturally contain nutrients and enzymes, which have a variety of health benefits and medical uses. In fact, honey has been used as a folk remedy for many conditions throughout history. There are several different types of honey. The taste and color of honey, and the exact nutrient content, depends on where the bees collected it. It also depends on which types of flowers it came from.

Good source of nutrients : Like other varieties of honey white honey is also rich in nutrients such as vitamin and minerals. The sugars present in the honey serve as good energy source. A spoon of white honey early in the morning will not only boost the body with nutrients and energy but also the creamier mild taste will refresh your mouth.

Pour one Tablespoon of white Honey together with water. You can adjust the amount of honey based on personal preference. Do not use the metal spoon to serve your honey. You can use the honey dipper or wood or plastic spoon to stir it.

Ingredient: 100% Tropical Diamond White Wild Honey
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