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Salted Black Sesame Oat Cookies

Signature Market

Salted Black Sesame Oat Cookies

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About This Product

Nothing says traditional Chinese cuisine quite like the generous use of sesame seeds and peanuts. From bun fillings and snacks to dessert soups and meal garnishes, black sesame seeds and peanuts are versatile ingredients that imbue whatever food they’re added to with a rich toasty aroma and nutty flavour that’s undeniably mouth-watering. When used in unison, the toasty flavour of black sesame seeds helps amplify the nuttiness of the peanuts while simultaneously adding richness and depth. Hence, it comes as no surprise that they’re both the superstars of our Salted Black Sesame Oat Cookies! Soft, crumbly with the perfect balance of savoury and sweet, these tasty cookies will also give you a tasty energy boost to power through till your next meal without causing sudden spikes in your blood sugar. Add them to your cart today and make your snack breaks even better than before!

Country of Origin: Malaysia

Low Refined Flour, Peanut, Instant Oat Crisp, Brown Sugar, Black Sesame, Oat Germ Powder, Himalayan Rock Salt, Vegetable Oil.

Allergy Information
Contains nuts and soy products.

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Salted Black Sesame Oat Cookies (180g)
RM 14.00
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