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Purple Sweet Potato Blackcurrant Oat Cookies

Signature Market

Purple Sweet Potato Blackcurrant Oat Cookies

Selling : RM 14 (Save 30%)

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About This Product

Our Purple Sweet Potato Blackcurrant Oat Cookies may be a mouthful to pronounce but it’s a delicious mouthful even if we do say so ourselves! Have your cookie and eat it with our healthy and delicious take on the traditional oat cookie. Soft and crumbly with a delicate and natural sweetness of purple sweet potato and oats, our cookies are also generously studded with antioxidant-rich blackcurrants for the perfect balance of sweet and tart. Worried about sudden spikes in your blood sugar? Don’t be! Our Purple Sweet Potato Blackcurrant Oat Cookies are made from low GI ingredients that will keep you full till your next meal without the blood sugar rollercoaster so add them to your cart today.

Country of Origin: Malaysia

Low Refined Flour, Purple Sweet Potato, Instant Oat Crisp, Brown Sugar, Black Oat, Oat Germ Powder, Dried Blackcurrant, Himalayan Rock Salt, Vegetable Oil.

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Mic***** T from Melaka, Melaka | Posted 4 days ago

Delicious & healthy

A healthy and delicious snacks

NG L C from Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur | Posted 1 week ago

Taste good and Health

Really nice cookies and will place order again!

Mas*** H b M A from Klang, Selangor | Posted 2 weeks ago


Worth buying

I can't get enough.. Menyesal beli 1 pack only

Anynomous | Posted 3 weeks ago

Tastes good

Unexpectedly nice

Lim c k from Air Itam, Penang | Posted 3 weeks ago

Healthy cookies

eating this to replace some junk foods i have for tea time. Taste good and most importantly it's made of all natural ingredients !

Purple Sweet Potato Blackcurrant Oat Cookies (180g)
RM 14.00
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